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Unleash your inner warrior at Xstrike, an action-packed destination where combat meets competitive gaming.


New Guidelines for a safer experience at XStrike

Due to the current situation and in line with the regulations from the relevant authorities, we would like to share with you our approach in ensuring we continue to offer an experience that is both safe and fun through a variety of new operational procedures


  • Use only highlighted entry and exit points to access the facility
  • Customers will be required to walk through the sanitization tunnel on each entry
  • Temperature checks will be taken upon entry to ensure safety
  • Masks and gloves are required to be worn at all times. If masks and gloves aren’t present, they will be provided to you
  • Floor stickers are placed to help maintain safe social distance throughout the facility
  • Social distancing is applicable at the café with no more than 4 people allowed on a table
  • Café tables will be sanitized after each use
  • Sanitizers will be available throughout the facility and can be used at your own discretion
  • Lockers are unavailable for use to ensure safety
  • Kiosks will be disinfected and wiped down after each use
  • Centre kiosks will be switched off to maintain social distancing
  • Playing capacity for XStrike is reduced to 50% for both fields
  • All armoury gear will be heavily sanitized before AND after each session and all touch screens would be sanitized after each use
  • Equipment will be washed and sanitized on a daily basis for added safety
  • Customers are required to gear up with minimal assistance to maintain social distancing
  • Respawn pods will be proximity sensor based and would no longer require to be pressed
  • Phone bookings are encouraged
  • Card/cashless payments are preferred
  • Safety caps will be provided so that headbands are not placed directly on skin
  • Viewing decks are closed for safety reasons
  • Arcade games are temporarily closed for added safety
  • Additional field upgrades have been made during the closure period
  • Venue will be sanitized daily before opening hours and after closing hours
  • Staff members are required to walk through the sanitization tunnel, undergo Temperature checks as soon as they come in for shift and are required to have face masks and gloves throughout their shift
  • Staff members and players are required to maintain a safe 2m distance from each other