Xstrike Preloader

Unleash your inner warrior at Xstrike, an action-packed destination where combat meets competitive gaming.


Our state-of-the-art non-projectile equipment bring your battlefield experiences to life, with live noise, weapon recoil, and sound and light effects adding extra realism to the game.


Every aspect of gameplay is controlled and monitored using Barracks. With over eight different missions to choose from, our players can embark on challenges such as Team Deathmatch, Hell Bells, Terminator, Supply Grab, and more.

Through the cloud-based Barracks system,  players can compare their rankings to others on a worldwide leaderboard, as well as access their mission history, field updates, latest achievements, preferred weapons and more. Log on to the Barracks to watch your stats climb higher with every battle!


Every player is the star of their own action movie on our Hollywood-style sets, where each battlefield is a world of its own. Built over multiple floors, each battlefield is a labyrinth of rooms and corridors including countless real-life props that interact with your weapons, opening up limitless possibilities and ensuring no two battles are the same.

Join us at the military outpost and prepare to dive under smoke from abandoned cars, run through actual subway train carriages, and live the battle.


“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”